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Business Wealth Management

A Business You Can Trust With Your Business

A Business You Can Trust With Your Business

Zappitelli Financial Services is equipped to handle the full array of financial planning and wealth management needs for businesses. Whether it’s managing cash flow, establishing the most optimal tax planning strategies, or setting up tax-effective retirement plans for you and your employees, we have the experience to help protect and grow your business and manage its assets.

We work with self-employed independent business professionals, family businesses, married business partners, and professionals with a side income including attorneys, consultants, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, and many more. Our retirement services include evaluating, designing, and administering the most optimal tax-qualified retirement plans available, including IRAs, SIMPLE Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, 401(k) plans, and Defined Benefits plans.

In addition, we specialize in helping business owners utilize and leverage their businesses to achieve personal financial goals, and make sure your professional and personal goals are aligned. As your business grows, it requires more resources, and planning. Zappitelli Wealth Advisors act as your trusted partner to help with each step along the way.

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